Chang Jiang M1M CJ750 Specifications

Chang Jiang M1M CJ750 Specifications

Engine Type: Air-cooled, Side-Valve, Four-stroke, Boxer-twin (Horizontally opposed twin) Head Type: Flathead Cubic Capacity: 746cc Bore: 78mm Stroke: 78mm Compression Ratio (original): 5.7:1 Compression Ratio (modified): 6.2:1 Maximum Horsepower (original): 22 bhp Maximum Horsepower (modified): 24 bhp RPM (original): 4200 RPM (modified): 4800 Fuel: Petrol, Regular, 87 octane Carburettors: 24mm Electrics (original): 6V 45W generator Electrics (modified): 12V 60W alternator and rectifier Starting System (original): transverse kick starter Starting System (modified): electric starter plus kick Spark Plugs: Torch 4114, Bosch W4AC Engine Oil: 50W Engine Oil Capacity: 2.0 litres Fuel Tank Capacity: 24 litres Transmission Oil Capacity: 0.800 litres Final Drive Oil Capacity: 0.175 litres Fuel Consumption 6 litres / 100 km Maximum Speed: ~90 km/h Recommended Cruising Speed: 75-80 km/h Clutch Type: Two-plate Dry Gearbox Type (original): Four forward gears Gearbox Type (modified): Four forward plus one reverse gears Gear ratio 1st gear: 3.6:1 Gear ratio 2nd gear: 2.29:1 Gear ratio 3rd gear: 1.71:1 Gear ratio 4th gear: 1.3:1 Drive Method: Kardan shaft and bevel gears Final Drive ratio: 4.6:1 (optional 3.89:1, solo only) Tyre Size: 26.5 x 3.75 (equivalent to 3.75 x 19) Tyre Pressure Front: 22lbs / 2.2 bar Tyre Pressure Rear: 30-45lbs / 3 bar Tyre Pressure Sidecar: 22lbs / 2.2 bar Tyre Pressure Spare: 30-45lbs / 3 bar Battery (original): 6V positive ground Battery (modified): 12V 28 amp hour, negative ground Dry Weight: 360 Kg Payload: Three adults plus 100 Kg Length: 2400mm (8ft 4in) Width: 1500mm (5ft 2in) Height: 1041mm (3ft 5in) (without mirrors) Track: 1168mm (3ft 10in) Wheelbase: 1420mm (5ft) Suspension Front: Telescopic Forks Suspension Rear: Plunger Frame Suspension Sidecar: Torsion Bar and Leaf Springs Steering Angle: 25.5 degrees.


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