Recall: BMW F750 GS, F850 GS

The vehicles affected were produced between 14.5.2018 and 12.11.2018. The connecting rods in the engine have not been correctly fitted and may lead to engine defects. This can increase the risk of an accident. View the original listing.

Recall: Kawasaki ZR900

The vehicles concerned were manufactured in 2018. Owing to incorrect installation, the rear wheel brake line and/or the ABS sensor cable can be damaged through contact with the rear wheel. This can lead to failure of the rear wheel brake and the ABS, which could lead to an accident. View the original listing

Recall: Yamaha MT-03, YZF-R3

The affected vehicles were manufactured between 2015 and 2017. Possible defective hose on the radiator. A leak from the radiator hose may allow coolant to escape and get onto the rear tyre. This could cause the rider to lose control over the vehicle, leading to an accident. View the original report (PDF)

Do you drone?

Drones and motorbikes … two of my major passions. It’s not often the two can come together in one place, but they almost coincided nicely when Harry from Biker Bits got his new DJI Spark mini drone and took it out to see if it would follow his motorbike at speed. Now the DJI Spark […]

Why you should not rev your motorcycle when it’s cold

Motorbike engines are finely tuned machines. When you start your motorbike, bits and pieces inside the motor move at a very fast rate, especially on modern sports motorcycles. Oil needs to circulate quickly through the motor because there are a lot of tight parts causing friction, especially when the engine is cold.

Watch this video from Mordeth about how to warm up your motorcycle so you don’t do damage to it!

Recall: Suzuki SFV650

PRA number: 2015/15092
Date published:
14th December 2015

Product description
Suzuki SFV650L4 & SFV650UL5

Identifying features
Various VIN

What are the defects?
Suzuki Motor Corporation wishes to advise that the fuel tank breather hose may not have been positioned correctly during the production process.