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  • 2020 KTM 1290 Super Duke R Review First Ride
    KTM proves it’s “all-in” in the liter-plus-sized naked bike segment with its new and most certainly improved 2020 1290 Super Duke R ($18,699). For 2020, Austria has updated its premier streetfighter with careful chassis, power, and electronic enhancements to make it more capable for riders racking up miles during the workweek grind or strafing apexes on weekends. We’ve outlined the technical updates in the 2020 KTM 1290 Super Duke R First Look Preview, so this review focuses on what it is like to ride.We review KTM’s more polished and functional 1290 Super Duke R from the official press introduction in Portugal. (KTM AG/)2020 KTM 1290 Super Duke R ChassisSince its introduction six years ago, the Super Duke R’s hyperactive handling was one of its weakest links. With a springy chassis that felt more akin to a V-twin-powered supermoto, we’re pleased to report the 2020 Super Duke R is more road-focused, and in line with the top competitors in this red-hot class.This was especially evident around the Portimão Circuit—a hilly 2.9-mile stop-and-go-style World Superbike circuit on the southern tip of Portugal. Here the Super Duke demonstrated its newfound poise with a chassis that has enhanced balance and sportbike-like pitch control.The redesigned rear suspension delivers a significant handling improvement for the 1290 Super Duke R. The chassis is less hyper and more planted at an elevated track pace. (KTM AG/)Much of the credit goes to the now linkage-equipped rear suspension and swingarm. This boosts grip off corners, maximizing the enhanced adhesion coefficient ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-02-10
  • Supercross 3 Motorcycle Racing Video Game Now Available
    Get a spot on an official team. (Milestone Team/)Milestone and Feld Entertainment have announced the latest Monster Energy Supercross 3 The Official Videogame is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC/Steam, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch.Get a look at the visuals of the game in the official trailer below:There will be more than 100 riders to choose from in the new game, from the 450SX and 250SX classes. You’ll also have 15 official stadiums and tracks, and for the first time you’ll be able to choose to be a teammate of the rider of your choice and choose a sponsor team. You can also opt to ride for an official Supercross team from the 2019 championship.Also, for the first time ever, female riders are available with their own animations and physics.Co-op racing is available in the Compound, where you can ride with up to three additional friends. The Compound itself is based off the Factory Supercross Practice Tracks in California, giving you nine tracks to choose from that take their cues from the courses teams use to test their bikes.Improved gameplay and graphics promise the best official Supercross video game yet. (Milestone Team/)The Track Editor feature has been updated with new modules and stadium items, allowing players to customize tracks more fully than ever before. Multiplayer mode has been updated as well, with designers creating low-latency and lag-free gameplay. Race Director Mode gives players the chance to create online tournaments and handle everything from other players’ starting positions, ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-02-08
  • 2020 Suzuki Katana Review MC Commute
    Four decades ago, Suzuki turned the motorcycle world on its head with the 1982 Katana streetbike. Featuring a smart and highly cutting-edge German-inspired design, this Japanese-built motorcycle developed a cultlike following. It also set the tempo for Suzuki sportbikes to this day. Now it’s looking to remake magic with the reintroduction of its 2020 Suzuki Katana ($13,499).This time around Suzuki tasked Italian designer Rodolfo Frascoli to redefine the lines of Hans Muth’s original rendering. The 2020 Katana wears more curved and three-dimensional surfaces yet retains the Katana’s signature nose and neatly carved fuel tank (3.2-gallon capacity) area. Full LED lighting and a pleasing swingarm-mounted hugger-style license plate bracket make for a clean overall look.Suzuki brings back a blast from its past with the 2020 Katana, a remake of the legendary 1982 Suzuki Katana. (Suzuki Motor of America/)Swing a leg over the new Katana and you’ll be greeted by a friendly upright cockpit design that is neither too sport nor too relaxed. The monochrome LCD instrument panel is a tad small, but replete with information, and features the original Katana’s signature J-hook-style swept tachometer. The position of the handlebar puts the rider in a commanding, but not overly so stance. The seat junction is slim so it will be easy for most riders to stand flat-footed at a standstill. We also appreciate the plushness of the rider and passenger seats.Considering its dated underpinnings, the Katana takes a few more miles compared to more contemporary designs to break in. Once worn in, ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-02-07
  • 2020 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Elite LE Preview
    Only 225 units of the limited-edition Roadmaster Elite will be produced. (Indian Motorcycle/)Indian Motorcycle has revealed a custom-inspired limited edition of its Roadmaster Elite for 2020, with just 225 units planned for production. The bike is available now through an authorized Indian Motorcycle dealer, and will start at $38,999 in the US and $46,999 in Canada.Indian Roadmaster vs. Roadmaster EliteA sharp new colorway highlights the exclusivity of the model. (Indian Motorcycle/)Each of the limited Roadmaster Elite models takes more than 30 hours to paint, with the final details applied by hand. It will feature Thunder Black Vivid Crystal over the Gunmetal Flake colorway, and be highlighted by red pinstriping and red badging throughout. Unparallel touring comfort. (Indian Motorcycle/)On top of the bold new graphics, there will also be an upgraded 600W PowerBand Audio Plus system on board. It will give you optimal sound from its fairing, trunk, and saddlebag speakers, which Indian claims are 50 percent louder than stock. The new sound system also has a nine-band dynamic equalizer that adjusts automatically to get the best sound quality at different vehicle speeds.There are more than 37 gallons of storage space on the Roadmaster Elite. (Indian Motorcycle /)“The Roadmaster itself delivers the ultimate touring experience, but the Roadmaster Elite takes that experience to an even higher level, designed specifically for riders who pay attention to each and every detail,” said Reid Wilson, vice president for Indian Motorcycle, in a company press release. “Whether riding around town or across the country, the ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-02-07
  • Harley-Davidson’s Fat Boy Cruiser Turns 30
    The 30th Anniversary edition Fat Boy is rocking the blacked-out look. (Harley-Davidson /)Harley-Davidson has announced a limited-edition Fat Boy for 2020, to celebrate the model’s 30th anniversary. There will be just 2,500 units produced, each with a number plate on the fuel tank console. The starting price for the anniversary edition is $21,949.The chassis and Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine are unchanged from the base Fat Boy. (Harley-Davidson /)The Fat Boy 30th Anniversary model will be a dream come true for cruiser enthusiasts that dig the blacked-out look. The bike will be available in a Vivid Black colorway only and rolls on cast-aluminum Lakester wheels finished in satin black with machined highlights. The Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-twin is blacked-out too, with covers in gloss black and bronze highlights. The exhaust has a Black Onyx finish, and the headlight nacelle, handlebar, and controls are the same Vivid Black as the rest of the bike. Additional bronze detailing complements the touch of color on the engine.A blacked-out engine is complemented with bronze highlights. (Harley-Davidson /)Only 2,500 units will be produced. (Harley-Davidson /)The chassis and engine are all Fat Boy, with no notable revisions to any mechanical pieces for this run of machines. If you’d like to spice your ride up a bit, though, there’s a roster of Screamin’ Eagle performance parts available as upgrades.Black Lakester wheels add to the menacing look. (Harley-Davidson /)No detail was overlooked. (Harley-Davidson /)“The Fat Boy took the look, proportions, and silhouette of a 1949 Hydra-Glide motorcycle and completely modernized it ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-02-06
  • 2020 Indian Challenger
    2020 Indian Challenger (Indian Motorcycle /)With the introduction of the 2020 Challenger, Indian has made no bones about its intended target: Harley-Davidson’s Road Glide. The Challenger enters the arena with an all-new 60-degree V-twin, a six-speed transmission, and a suite of electronic rider aids. On the Cycle World dynamometer, the liquid-cooled, solid-mounted PowerPlus 108 engine cranked out more horsepower and torque than a 114ci Road Glide Special. And on the street, the PowerPlus delivers right-now acceleration with less engine heat funneled to the rider. A snout-nosed fixed fairing is perhaps the Challenger’s defining aesthetic feature, with standard touring goodies—adjustable windshield, locking saddlebags, electronic cruise control, three ride modes—going a long way toward sealing the deal.2020 Indian Challenger Limited (Indian Motorcycle /)Three trim levels are available: Challenger, Challenger Dark Horse, and Challenger Limited. The base model ditches navigation but keeps antilock braking. Dark Horse and Limited bring Indian’s “Smart Lean Technology,” which uses a Bosch IMU to enable cornering ABS and traction control as well as Drag Torque Control. “The Challenger strikes an excellent balance between engine performance and chassis precision,” Andrew Cherney wrote after riding the Challenger Limited, “with the added benefit of well-calibrated electronics capped off with pleasing ergonomics.”2020 Indian Challenger Dark Horse (Indian Motorcycle /)2020 Indian Challenger Reviews, Comparisons, And CompetitionRiding The Completely New 2020 Indian Motorcycle ChallengerHow Much Power Does The 2020 Indian Challenger Make?Inside Indian’s New PowerPlus 108 V-twinIndian Raptor Coming In 2020?Manufacturer Claimed SpecificationsPrice $21,999–$27,999 Engine Liquid-cooled SOHC two-cylinder Displacement 1,768cc Bore x Stroke 108.0mm ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-02-05
  • 2020 Ducati MotoGP Team Revealed Photo Gallery
    Claudio Domenicali: “We are proud to represent an excellent territory, the Motor Valley, in the competitions. This is an incredible area that within a ray of 150 kilometers sees prestigious brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Dallara, Pagani, and of course Ducati, that is situated just 15 minutes away from the center of Bologna. This is what racing is for Ducati: an advanced technological incubator, a showcase for Italian intelligence and technology, and an incredible component of passion for all the Ducatisti.” (Ducati /)Riding the red and black Mission Winnow Desmosedici GP20 racebikes will be Andrea Dovizioso (#04), the 2019 championship runner-up, and Danilo Petrucci (#9) who finished sixth in the 2019 championship. (Ducati /)Take a close look at the Mission Winnow Desmosedici GP20. Notice the massive winglets, the lower aerodynamic shielding on the wheels, and the peculiar shape of the tailsection that are all designed to help the Desmo continue to be one of the fastest motorcycles on the GP grid. (Ducati /)Andrea Dovizioso (#04, Mission Winnow Ducati): “2019 was interesting and made us understand a few aspects that will help us to improve and grow in 2020. Last year we finished as runner-up for the third consecutive time behind Marc Màrquez, a rider that for sure made the difference last year, but we also did our best managing well our potential.” (Ducati /)Danilo Petrucci (#9, Mission Winnow Ducati): “2019 was positive for me, despite a few difficulties toward the end of the year. It was my best season ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-02-05
  • 2020 Ducati MotoGP Team Revealed
    Claudio Domenicali: “We are proud to represent an excellent territory, the Motor Valley, in the competitions. This is an incredible area that within a ray of 150 kilometers sees prestigious brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Dallara, Pagani, and of course Ducati, that is situated just 15 minutes away from the center of Bologna. This is what racing is for Ducati: an advanced technological incubator, a showcase for Italian intelligence and technology, and an incredible component of passion for all the Ducatisti.” (Ducati /)The 2020 Mission Winnow Ducati Team launch was held at the Palazzo Re Enzo in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, Italy, earlier this week, and much to the delight of Ducati racing fans around the world, the Desmosedici GP20 racebikes look out of this world…literally. The new era of MotoGP has begun and the Italians have their sights set on dethroning the Japanese giants for the first time since Casey Stoner earned Ducati its lone MotoGP title back in 2007.Riding the red and black Mission Winnow Desmosedici GP20 racebikes will be Andrea Dovizioso (#04), the 2019 championship runner-up, and Danilo Petrucci (#9) who finished sixth in the 2019 championship. (Ducati /)“Racing is and has always been a fundamental part of our company, even in such a particularly complicated era where technology is drastically changing our surroundings,” explains Claudio Domenicali, Ducati Motor Holding CEO. “In order to succeed in this situation, it is necessary to keep investing in research and development and racing is a crucial part of our ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-02-05
  • 2020 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Display Simulator
    There are a lot of functions on the Multi-Information Display (MID), and the simulator was developed in an effort to help riders become more familiar with the myriad of features of the MID. They include Apple CarPlay, ABS, and G-mode controls; as well as the settings for Honda Selective Torque Control (HSTC), wheelie control, riding modes, user mode, suspension, and DCT.Honda has just released its interactive simulator that allows riders to practice and get familiarized with the Africa Twin’s 6.5-inch touchscreen Multi-Information Display (MID). The web-based simulator can be found on the official Honda consumer website under the Africa Twin section (you need to scroll down a little ways to reach it). Once it’s open on your monitor you will be greeted with a virtual representation of the MID that looks and responds exactly like the one on the Africa Twin.“The electronic technology of the 2020 Africa Twin is amazingly capable, and Honda’s new Multi-Information Display simulator enables customers to more easily get the most out of their machines,” said Chris Cox, manager of Experiential Marketing & PR at American Honda. “We encourage customers—whether they already own an Africa Twin or are in the market for a new adventure bike—to give the tool a try.”The Multi-Information Display (MID) simulator will help riders and owners of all the Africa Twin models, including the manual and Dual Clutch Transmission versions of the standard as well as the Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES, get familiarized with navigating all the MID functions. (Honda/)This simulator ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-02-04
  • Finding The Best Motorcycle Cover
    Tuck your motorcycle under a quality cover to protect it from dust in the garage or the elements outside. (Nelson-Rigg/)A motorcycle cover is primarily designed to protect the motorcycle from the elements. If you’re winterizing your motorcycle, it also works to keep the dust from settling on the machine in the garage. Some motorcycle cover companies even add security measures to help prevent motorcycle theft. These features, however, are for naught unless the product is made of quality, durable materials that are specified for indoor or outdoor use. In this guide we tell you what features you should look for in a motorcycle cover in order to get the most bang for your buck. Protection First, the obvious: protection. If you plan on nestling your motorcycle in the garage, an indoor cover that is at least dustproof will protect it from the settling motes. With outside storage the effects of the rain, sun, wind, or simply the morning dew settling on your bike day in and day out could lead to faster wear on the finish or parts making a waterproof outdoor-specific cover a valuable investment.Polyester material and the addition of heat-taped seams help safeguard the bike from water. (Nelson-Rigg/)Polyurethane-lined or polyester materials are among some of the most waterproof due to the lining and tight weaving, making those key fabrics to look for in a motorcycle cover especially if you plan on leaving your motorcycle outside in the rain. The addition of heat-taped seams, as seen on Nelson-Rigg’s Defender ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-02-03
  • Triumph And Bajaj Auto India Sign Partnership
    Triumph is looking to expand its line and global reach through a new partnership with Bajaj Auto India. (Triumph/)Triumph and Bajaj Auto India have signed a long-term, non-equity partnership that will allow both brands to expand into new markets and develop new machines. Here’s how Triumph CEO Nick Bloor explained the decision in a company release: “This is an important partnership for Triumph and I am delighted that it has now formally commenced. As well as taking our brand into crucial new territories, the products that will come out of the partnership will also help attract a younger, but still discerning, customer audience and is another step in our ambitions to expand globally, particularly in the fast-growing markets of Southeast Asia, but also driving growth in more mature territories like Europe.”The plan to attract these younger riders is to develop lower-displacement machines, in the 200cc–750cc range. Getting into new territories, like Southeast Asia, is also expected to expand the Triumph ridership worldwide.Bajaj will take over Triumph distribution in India as a result of the partnership, as well as distribution into other key areas of the region that don’t already have a Triumph presence. For those regions that do have access to Triumph’s machines, the newly developed models will be added to the lineup and sold by Triumph dealers.Rajiv Bajaj, managing director of Bajaj Auto India, said: “The Triumph brand is an iconic one the world over. So, we are confident that there will be a huge appetite in India and ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-02-02
  • Best Pirelli Performance Motorcycle Tires 2020
    Pirelli continues to use its time as the official supplier of racing tires for the FIM World Superbike Championship to advance the development of its popular lineup of sportbike tires including one of our all-time favorite track tires, the Diablo Supercorsa. Pirelli has long been associated with producing premium motorcycle tires and, thanks in part to its role in SBK, the company has been able to expand its super-sticky tire lineup to include faster-warming, longer-lasting compounds across the board.Related: Pirelli Angel GT II Sport-Touring Tire First LookPirelli Diablo Superbike SlickThe Pirelli Diablo Superbike Slick is developed with the needs of the World Superbike Championship in mind. The wider, sticker, more durable tire will help racers break track records in 2020. (Pirelli/)For the 2020 model year, there will be increased tire sizes for the SBK series and its support classes, which Pirelli believes will be a huge factor in reducing lap times and breaking lap records during the upcoming racing season. The new Superbike-spec tires will be offered in 125/70R-17 and 200/65R-17 for the Superbike class, and the new rear 190/60R-17 for the Supersport 600 class.Related: Pirelli Releases Diablo Superbike Slick Tires For Small-Displacement MotorcyclesPirelli Diablo SupercorsaThe Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC3 DOT-approved tire is one of the best trackday tires on the market today, and for 2020 it will be available in the SC3 compound. (Pirelli/)Pirelli has also added the SC3 compound to its DOT-approved Diablo Supercorsa, which is great news for club racers and trackday riders alike. The new SC ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-02-01
  • How To Have A True Motorcycle Adventure In Ecuador
    The smallest country in South America packs the biggest punch in terms of landscape diversity and rideability. (Photo by Andy Walcott/)Do you ever get that itch to finally satisfy a motorcycle riding dream that you’ve been rolling around in your mind for some time? Perhaps it is a vision of being “out there” in the elements, of adventure in a myriad of distant and different landscapes—among massive, snowcapped peaks, active volcanoes, expansive desert, or tropical jungles. If so, then Ecuador may be precisely the two-wheeled destination of your imagination. The beauty is that in Ecuador, you can find yourself in all of those landscapes and more, within relatively little time.Related: Lessons On Motorcycle Touring Through PeruGood roads and mountain passes leading around central Ecuador in the Andes. (Janelle Kaz/)Why Ecuador?Ecuador has good roads. As the smallest country in South America, just slightly larger than the state of Colorado, and packed with incredible landscape diversity—there is a lot to see. Great roads and a small area mean that getting around the country is easy, and you can see a lot in a single day of riding. Ecuador is peaceful and safe to explore. The people are warm-hearted, friendly, and kind. They’ve seen how tourism can positively impact their communities and economy and therefore generally appreciate it.Related: Riding An Indian Scout Sixty In The Sacred Valley Of PeruYou’ll find traveling through Ecuador extremely welcoming, and rich with abundant natural resources. No, not the minerals and oil you might be thinking of, as ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-01-31
  • Chopper And Hot Rods At The 2020 Paradise Road Show
    @snakedumpster riding his super-tall Panhead chopper into the show. (Morgan Gales/)The city of Palm Springs alone is a bit of a time warp. Bring in a show’s worth of hot rods, classic cars, and vintage choppers, add the crowd that just rode and drove in on these relics, and hell, you’d think you’re right back in the glory days. The Paradise Road Show, now in its fourth year, brings in cars and bikes from all reaches of California, from older collectors to modern builders and everything in between, to the desert city of Palm Springs, California, for a weekend of sun, libations, and appreciating some top-shelf machines.A swingarm Ironhead with a molded tank in the showbike lineup at Paradise Road Show. (Morgan Gales/)As you pull into the Saguaro hotel, hot rods and classic cars line the main parking lot. There’s a guy selling moonshine—real moonshine, I checked, out of the back of his rat rod truck. A long line of custom vans had people partying and hanging out inside, more cars lined the wall opposite a dozen vendors selling vintage clothing, art, and decorations, and a couple of DJs sat at the end. Through the lobby and into the hotel, photographs were displayed along with some more vendors and a full room of tattoo artists as you walked out to the bikes by the pool.A 1948 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead at Paradise Road Show. (Morgan Gales/)Spread out over the main lawn, each with a nice little cloth under it to soak up ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-01-30
  • Catalina Motorcycle Grand Prix Returns For 2020
    This is a view of the 2010 Red Bull Catalina Grand Prix racecourse. There is nothing quite like the spectacle of a thousand motorcycles racing through the sleepy hills of Avalon on the most famous of California’s Channel Islands. (Red Bull Content Pool/)The Catalina Grand Prix is set for a return in November of 2020, and the California off-road racing scene is looking that much better because of it. The fabled GP has been shelved for a decade despite record turnout and a level of popularity shared by very few one-off racing events. You can imagine all the reasons that a quiet retirement community with just 4,000 residents like those who call Avalon home would prefer not to have a world-class race held in their backyard, but they have given it the green light.This is what the action looked like from the starting line of the pro race during the 2010 Red Bull Catalina Grand Prix, which featured motorcycle legends including the late Curt Caselli, Nitro Circus founder Travis Pastrana, and Baja 1000 winner Kendall Norman, to name a few. (Red Bull Content Pool/)Thanks to the efforts of District 37 racing organizers and a band of local Catalina business owners, the race is set for a glorious return later this year. The news was first revealed on earlier this week, so make sure to check out the Jean Turner interview with D37’s Scott Perkins for more insight regarding how the pieces finally fell into place.Back in the glory days ... read more
    Source: Motorcyclist onlinePublished on 2020-01-30
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From Motorcycle Writer

  • Zero plug in electric SR/S sportsbike
    The biggest electric motorcycle company, Zero of California, will finally plug into the sportsbike market with the launch of the SR/S. Over the past 14 years, the company has produced dual-sport models and last year added the naked SR/F streetfighter. The Zero SR/S is basically an SR/F with a fairing. Zero says it’s “the most comfortable sportbike on the road” with higher bars and lower footpegs. However, range, power, speed, and other tech specs are fairly identical to the SR/F. The premium SR/S model with 6kW Rapid Charger, heated handgrips and aluminium bar ends starts at $US21,995 and the standard model with 3kW Rapid Charger starts at $US19,995. They are available in grey or blue. Plug pulled But don’t get too excited as Zero Motorcycles pulled the plug on the Australian and New Zealand market in 2017, citing unfavourable exchange rates and taxes. Since then the exchange rate has worsened. While Zero has not yet made an announcement about a return, we suspect it is a long way off. At least until the government offers subsidies like America’s 10% rebate and our charging infrastructure catches up to the USA and Europe. As a guide, their 2017 Aussie fleet ( Zero S, SR, DS, DSR, FX and FXS) ranged in price from $18,000 to $25,000 on the road. You can also buy an optional $4790 Power Tank battery which extends range up to 320km. SR/S power and range The Zero SR/S is powered by the same 14.4kWh battery and ZF ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-25
  • Second Fire Aid Ride planned for April
    The inaugural Fire Aid Ride last Sunday (23 February 2020) has been labelled a success, attracting more than 600 riders and pillions. Now organisers are focussing on the second event in what they hope will be a series of charity rides to encourage riders out into bushfire-ravaged communities to spend their tourist dollars and help the communities recover. All photos: Nick James FraserA spokesperson says the second Fire Aid Ride is scheduled for 25 April from the Royal National Park to the Shoalhaven area. There is no schedule for the whole year yet, but “more will be added to the calendar in no time”, she says. There is no fee to join a Fire Aid Ride but riders are asked to spend their money locally and donate to the Fire Aid Ride GoFundMe page. Click here for more details on how riders can help various bushfire appeals. Our main suggestion is to just get out and ride to these areas and buy local fuel, food, accommodation and supplies. Inaugural Fire Aid Ride Riders on the first Fire Aid Ride ride gathered in Windsor in support of the rural Aussie town of Putty which had been devastated by the recent bushfire crisis. The charity rides were founded by Sydney rider Jimmy Woodriff with help from Mark Hawwa’s The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride team. “It was amazing to have so many people join us and support those in Putty who have been significantly impacted by the recent fires,” Jimmy says. “Riding straight north ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-25
  • Troy Bayliss demo bike stolen
    Motorcycle theft is running rampant and even three-time World Superbike champion Troy Bayliss is not immune with his two-up demo Ducati V4R being stolen from his race truck. Troy returned to Australian Super-bikes last year and is competing this weekend at the combined round with WSBK this weekend at Phillip Island. However, he has tweeted that his demo V4R that he uses for promotional duties pillioning customers around the track has been stolen. Stolen, straight out the back door of our race truck at Somerton VIC while driver having a shower. What the hell do you want a two-up bike for? It’s due for an engine rebuild as well, you ain’t going far on that. Troy’s race truck Troy says he is hoping to catch the thief on CCTV and says in another tweet: If anyone spots a V4R two-up bike cruising down the highway can you stick a broom handle in the front wheel and cut off at least one of the hands of the rider? We can certainly understand his feelings and many other riders have suggested similar penalties for bike thieves. Theft penalties Buy your “warning” keyring now at the Motorbike Writer online shop.NSW introduced tougher penalties in 2006 of up to 14 years for anyone involved in motor vehicle theft or rebirthing. While it has resulted in a decrease in car theft, it is not having any effect on motorcycle theft which is up 17.1% in NSW compared with an increase of 11.7% ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-25
  • Rider, 53, dies in tragic twist of fate crash
    A 53-year-old male rider has died in a tragic twist of fate involving two other vehicles on the New England Highway, south of Toowoomba, Queensland, about 1.40pm yesterday (25 February 2020). Police say a utility was waiting to turn right into Opportunity Drive at Clifton when it was struck from behind by a station wagon. The utility was propelled into the path of the rider heading north on the highway. Sadly, the rider was pronounced deceased at the scene. “Police would like to take the opportunity to thank local and passer-by motorists who stopped to render assistance,” says Senior Constable, Tyson Morris. Our sincere condolences to the rider’s family and friends for their tragic loss. Twist of fate Images Channel 7 ToowoombaIt was a cruel and terrible twist of fate that caused the rider’s death. Crashes like this seem unavoidable for a rider. Riders always can the road for hazards, but there seems little we can do in such an unforeseen situation. The best advice is to treat all vehicles on the road as if they are out to get you. Investigators from the Forensic Crash Unit are appealing for any witnesses or anyone who may have dash cam vision to please contact police. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form 24hrs per day. You can report information about crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers, a registered charity and community volunteer organisation, by calling 1800 333 000 or via ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-25
  • Rider injured in three-vehicle crash
    A 24-year-old female rider has been seriously injured in a three-vehicle crash in north Brisbane this morning (25 February 2020). Queensland Police say the rider was stopped behind a bus at traffic lights on Stafford Road, Gordon Park, about 8.40am when a utility hit her, catapulting her into the bus. She was transported to Royal Brisbane and Woman’s Hospital in a serious condition. Our sincere best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. The driver of the utility and the driver and passengers on the bus were not physical injured. Forensic Crash Unit is seeking witnesses to the crash who have dashcam footage to contact police. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form 24hrs per day. You can report information about crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers, a registered charity and community volunteer organisation, by calling 1800 333 000 or via 24hrs per day. Quote this reference number: QP2000392368 Comment We don’t know the full circumstances of the crash and don’t want to create any illusions of fault. This situation reminds us that lane filtering takes a rider out of a vulnerable position in a queue of traffic, protecting them from being rear-ended. In Queensland it is legal to lane filter next to a bus, although not officially recommended.   The post Rider injured in three-vehicle crash appeared first on Motorbike Writer. ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-25
  • What is the best wet weather riding gear?
    What is the best motorcycle gear for riding in wet weather? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. It depends on the weather, how far you are riding, where you are going, the type of bike you are riding etc. Click here to read about Murphy’s Law of riding in the rain for a laugh. Wet weather If l’m riding on a hot day with the occasional storm I may not even stop to put gear on as the rain just acts as a type of air conditioning. When the storm stops, the moisture in your gear will dry off in about 5-10 minutes if you keep going, anyway. Also, if I’m riding a bike with a decent windscreen, I’ll simply huddle up behind the screen and keep going. It’s only when you stop on such a bike that you get wet. Only my knees got wet on this Harley full-dresser!If I’m on a short ride, I may decide to just stop and have a coffee to wait out the passing weather. But if I’m on a long trip and will be in the saddle for hours, wet weather, especially in winter, can turn into annoying and fatiguing puddles in your crutch unless you have decent wet weather gear. There are three main types of wet weather riding gear. Old-fashioned rain coat and wet pants that go over the top of your gear; Waterproof inner liners that zip in and out of your jacket and pants; and Laminated jackets and pants that ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-24
  • Switch designs electric eSCRAMBLER
    New Zealand electric motorcycle company Switch is seeking funding to homologate its stylish go-anywhere eSCRAMBLER and bring it to market in 2022. Founder Matthew Waddick has already produced an electric conversion kit for a Honda Cub as part of his Shanghai Customs company and is now working on the eSCRAMBLER through Switch. “We are going to be looking for partners and investors over the next few months for both projects Shanghai Customs and Switch,” says Matthew who says he had to “flee China” last month due to the coronavirus. “It’s a little early yet for costing, the only thing we can say is that it will be very competitive in the pricing with the business model we are going for. “No way we are going to price this out of the market.” eSCRAMBLER The minimalistic eSCRAMBLER is based on a conventional polished-aluminium, double-cradle frame with upside-down forks, monoshock and 18-inch wheels with knobby tyres for all-terrain use. It will also feature GPS tracking, three speed modes, USB charger, cruise control, regenerative braking to recharge the battery and Spanish JJuan brakes with Bosch ABS. eSCRAMBLER includes some tasty parts such as CNC-machine triple clamps and footpegs, leather seat, LED lighting and a digital display that looks like a mobile phone. One of the design features is how the 50kW motor and swingarm are coaxially mounted, allowing the Gates carbonfibre belt drive to maintain proper tension. Matthew has partnered with ex-Yamaha Advanced Labs industrial designer and former ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-24
  • Harley-Davidson Softail Standard confirmed
    As predicted last week, the Harley-Davidson FXST Softail Standard is confirmed to return mid-year after it was recently listed with the California Air Resources Board. One of the most popular Harley models ever sold in Australia will arrive at $A21,495 ($NZ22,750), ride away. This entry-level Softail will come in black only with a solo seat. It will be a long way from the original 1984 Evo original Softail Standard, now powered by the 107 (1746cc) Milwaukee Eight engine. In 2017, the Softail range had a major overhaul making them up to 17kg lighter, with better handling thanks to a 17% stiffer frame, emulsion rear shock and Showa dual-bending-valve forks. The Softail Standard comes with polished highlights, mini-ape bars, a 13.2-litre tank, low-slung 2-into-2 offset shotgun exhausts and 19-inch chromed steel rims with classic spokes. Its front-end features clear-coated fork sliders, polished triple-clamps, polished top clamp and riser, and chromed headlamp bezel and turn signals. A compact electronic instrument with digital display is set in the handlebar riser for a clean and uncluttered look. Softail Standard accessory packages Accessorise your Softail StandardSince it’s a blank canvas for customisers there is a choice of four accessory packages. Day Tripper Custom Package: Pillion seat and a 21-inch detachable sissy bar with pad, passenger foot pegs and mounts, forward foot controls and a black leather Single-Sided Swingarm Bag. Coast Custom Package: Softail Quarter Fairing, black anodised aluminium Moto Bar handlebar and 5.5-inch riser, a Bevel two-up seat and passenger foot pegs, and BMX-style foot pegs from the 80GRIT Collection. Touring Custom Package: Sundowner two-up ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-24
  • Coming soon: Two new Pursang electric scramblers
    (Contributed post) First released to the market in 1967, the Pursang motocross motorcycle went out of production in 1984 and quickly gained mythological status. The Spanish bike, famously ridden by Peter Fonda in Easy Rider, was revered by motocross fans across the world. However, it remained boxed in history until the EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show in 2018, when a new modern-day prototype was presented that’s both innovative and electric. Electric vehicles for the modern market From Telsa, to Jaguar to Honda, an increasing number of car manufacturers are  launching electric and hybrid vehicles, and many older models are now incorporating electric technology. Electric bikes are keeping pace, with the NAWA Racer demonstrating the potential of this innovation in the motorcycle industry. Indeed, electric vehicle development has allowed Pursang to bring back their legendary bike with a modern twist, which would have been a hard sell without new innovations to make it relevant to a modern market. The manufacturers are keen to maintain the essence of the original bikes and create a product with similar dynamic qualities, but they aim to use modern technology to enhance these features. The new batch of bikes will maintain the aesthetics of the original models while demonstrating the power of electric vehicle technology. The new Pursang models Pursang eStreet The first 60 units of Pursang’s new bikes are expected to become available in May 2020. There will be  two models on the market: the Pursang E-Street and the Pursang E-Track. The E-Street is the less ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-24
  • Ducati Scrambler 1100 Special review
    Ducati is running out its current Scrambler 1100 models which will be replaced later this year by the restyled PRO and PRO Sport. As is often the case with the introduction of new models, the current models are being run out at very attractive discounts. And they are such a good buy because the only real differences in the coming PRO models are cleaner brake cabling, a remote rear fender, twin-stack pipes, new bars and different paint and graphics. Ducati Scrambler 1100 PrRO modelsScrambler 1100 models The current 1100 series consists of the base model, Special and Sport. All are powered by the 1079cc, 90-degree L-twin from the old Monster 1100, detuned slightly for emissions reasons to 64kW of power (86hp) and 88Nm (65lb-ft) of torque from 4750rpm. It’s the same formula Ducati has used with the 803cc Scrambler powered by the old Monster 800 engine detuned to meet new emissions regulations. MBW’s Scrambler IconDucati’s 800 Scramblers are the Italian company’s top sellers, while the more powerful, sophisticated and expensive 1100s have not been as popular. I’ve been riding an 800 Scrambler Icon for some time now and love it. But the bike is a toy and has its limitations. So I recently tested a Scrambler 1100 Special from Brisbane Motorcycles to see if the extra weight, height, length and expense was worth it. The Base model comes in yellow with mag wheels and black seat, Special is grey with black wire wheels, chrome pipes, brushed swinging arm, gold anodised forks and brown ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-24
  • Batman crashes Batcycle in filming
    Batman – or at least his stunt double – has crashed the latest Batcycle during filming in Glasgow for the next instalment simply titled “The Batman”.
    Catwoman: Can you come over? Batman: Naw, fighting the Joker Catwoman: I stole a diamond Batman: — Dbsage (@Dbsage_) February 21, 2020 In the video above they are riding through Glasgow’s Necropolis cemetery on a suitably dreary wet day when Batman’s bike has a couple of rear-wheel slides on the wet road surface. Finally the front wheel also slides and down goes the superhero! Perhaps the stuntman should read Chris Vermeulen’s tips on riding in the wet! The Batcycle is a custom featuring a four-cylinder engine, fat tyres, long wheelbase and heaps of extra weight which we imagine are supposed to be weapons. It looks like a handful as we see in this BBC footage that shows the stunt rider having a lot of trouble controlling the Batcycle even in slow riding. Batcycle The new Batcycle is not the first motorcycle used by the caped crusader. In the original 1960s TV show, Batman and Robin rode sidecars based on a 1965 Harley-Davidson and then a 1966 Yamaha YDS-3. Batcycle in the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.They were easy to ride, unlike the Batpods made for Dark Knight and The Dark Knight movies. Batpod in the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.Batgirl rode a Batblade based on a drag bike in the 1997 film, Batman & Robin. In another photo ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-23
  • Triumph winds down Hinckley production
    Triumph Motorcycle will move more of its production from Hinckley in the UK to Thailand in a bid to target rapidly growing Asian markets. In 2002, Triumph opened its first factory in Thailand where it now has three facilities making about 80% of last year’s total of 60,131 bikes. There are also factories in Brazil and India supplying for the local markets. And last month Triumph announced an agreement with Baja to build a range of 200-750cc motorcycles in India. Proposed Triumph 250Hinckley factory Their factory in Hinckley, Leicestershire, mainly makes engine components and will become a research and development centre. It will continue to build their new Triumph Factory Custom (TFC) motorcycles with production wound down from about 6500 a year to about 4500. Triumph Thruxton and Rocket 3 TFCThey will lay off about 50 workers on the assembly line, paint shop and weld shop. However, they will add about 20 design engineer jobs in their upgraded R&D facility. Thai advantages Apart from the cost advantages of making bikes in Thailand, most major component suppliers are nearby, including an Ohlins factory. Australia also has a free trade agreement with Thailand, which keeps a lid on prices. Triumph boss Nick Bloor says the move is part of “Triumph’s next wave of strategic growth”. “We want to maximise the growth opportunity for the brand globally, particularly in the Asian markets,” he says. “This is why we are increasing our design resources here in the UK, and focusing our mass-production capabilities in Thailand. “There ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-23
  • Suzuki slow to plug into electric revolution
    Suzuki has been slow to plug into the electric motorcycle revolution, but looks like finally joining the other Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, at least in the Asian market. The big four Japanese manufacturers have all been slow in announcing their intentions with electric motorcycles and scooters. However, in April 2019, electric vehicle website Electrek claimed Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki has signed an agreement to work on standardising electric motorcycle batteries and charging infrastructure. No doubt it’s hoped to avoid the Beta/VHS situation where new video recording technology went two different ways. Standardised batteries and charging infrastructure would mean plugs on bikes and sockets on charging points would suit all electric motorcycle models. Perhaps a standardised battery size, shape and output would also lead to a battery swap solution which would be quicker than waiting for a bike to recharge. Slow revolution By comparison with their major counterparts, the usually innovative Japanese motorcycle companies have been slow to join the electric vehicle revolution. Yamaha released the PES1 (Passion Electric Street) road bike and PED1 (Passion Electric Dirt) off-roader for limited sale, mainly in Europe. Yamaha PES1 electric motorcycleKawasaki has filed a patent for a water-cooled electric. Honda has a hybrid scooter and an electric self-balancing prototype. Honda electric Assist-e self-balancing bikeMeanwhile, Suzuki has been the slow coach with no patents, no announcements, nothing! Until now. Autocar India reports that Suzuki Motorcycle India MD Koichiro Hirao says they are working on an EV platform for India. There is no word on what that ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-23
  • Two riders die in Sunday accidents
    Two riders have died in separate accidents on the Central Coast of NSW and in far west Queensland yesterday (23 February 2020). NSW Police say a 59-year-old rider from Mardi died in a crash with a Mitsubishi SUV on the Great North Road, Bucketty, 40km north-west of Somersby, about 4.30pm. Officers from Hunter Valley Police District were told he was riding north and the Mitsubishi SUV was travelling south and the crash occurred in the southbound lane. “The SUV left the road, crashing down a ravine trapping the driver, while the motorcyclist was thrown down the same ravine,” police say. Paramedics were winched by helicopter down the ravine to the injured motorcyclist. Sadly, he died a short time after being brought up to the roadway. Our sincere condolences to the rider’s family and friends. A 44-year-old woman, from Paxton, was released from the wreckage of her SUV and escaped with relatively minor injuries. She was taken to Wyong Hospital for mandatory testing. The scene was also attended by NSW Ambulance paramedics, Rescue helicopter crew, RFS and VRA volunteers. Police will prepare a report for the Coroner. Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Information is confidential. The public is reminded not to report crime via NSW Police social media pages. Longreach crash A 19-year-old rider has died in a crash at the intersection of Falcon and Duck streets, Longreach about 3am yesterday. Police say their initial investigations “suggest the male rider lost ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-23
  • Is Harley-Davidson planning a sportsbike?
    This image has been doing the rounds of the internet rumour mill for days suggesting Harley-Davidson is about planning to return to sportsbike manufacture. It’s an artist’s rendering from Japanese magazine Young Machine who frequently speculate and don’t always get it right. In October 2018, their artists suggested this would be the small bike Harley would make in China for the Asian market. Young Machine rendering of small Chinese HarleyHowever, this is now the official Harley drawing of the 350cc bike they are calling project HD350. It’s substantially different to the Young Machine drawing. Harley-Davidson HD350So has the magazine go it right this time? Sportsbike return And would Harley really return to making a sportsbike like its 1994 VR1000? VR1000Later this year they will introduce their bareknuckle 115hp/94Nm Bronx Streetfighter range. Bronx StreetfighterIt wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to give the Bronx a half fairing and extended belly pan as in the latest artist’s rendering. VisorDown points out that a similar image is featured in the background of this photo from the Harley design house when the Bareknuckle was in its clay model stage. Bronx clay model wth small sportsbike image indicated (Image: Visordown)But the question is why would Harley return to sportsbikes after axing its Buell brand and selling MV Agusta in the wake of the GFC? Sportsbike sales have been declining in sales in recent years, although super-hi-tech models have had a slight recovery. Asian Harleys Meanwhile, India’s Hero MotoCorp is suggesting Harley may extend its Asian presence ... read more
    Source: Motorcycle WriterPublished on 2020-02-21
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