Crazy helmet laws will get you fined in Victoria!

Tinted visors earn fines in Victoria If you’re riding in Victoria, Australia, you need to know that your helmet could get you into serious trouble with the law right now. Victoria Police are actively targeting riders with tinted helmet visors and the charge they’re putting forward is “riding without a helmet” which carries an on-the-spot fine of $295 and loss of three demerit points. Apparently Victoria Police have taken aim at tinted visors as being dangerous, and therefore rendering the helmet non-compliant, which means the same as not wearing one at all. IMHO they would have a hard time prosecuting that in court, but I’m not a lawyer and most people would just roll over and pay the fine. Interestingly, wearing dark tinted sunglasses under your non-tinted visor doesn’t present any issues, so they’re just being pedantic and for reasons no-one seems to have figured out yet. It’s not even like they’re targeting dark tinted visors at night, where they might well have safety issues. There is movement happening right now to standardise helmet laws across Australia and a forum on planning the standardisation is planned for Sydney in February 2015. Let’s hope they don’t try to extend the stupid Victorian laws to the rest of the country! I wonder how they treat jet pilot style drop down tinted visors like that on my Shark helmet??? I wear sunnies anyway and find the drop-down visor makes it hard to see, but I do set it just above my eyebrows to block the harsh summer sun on the afternoon ride home. Please let us know if you’ve been fined or stopped for using any kind of tinted visor. Is this only happening in Victoria, or is it happening in other States too? I did see a post on Perth Street Bikes that suggests it’s happening there too, but the post was a couple of years old. The quoted issue then was that the visor is not “shatter-proof” and therefore not safe. Poor guy also got fined for having pillion pegs on the back and no pillion seat as well as for having Yoshi mufflers!! Mind you, he was riding a ‘Busa so he was probably fair game…

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