Race chips – power to the people!

If, like me, you own a sports bike or a sports tourer, at some point you’re going to start thinking about how to get more out of your finely tuned performance bike. I find the punch when I open the throttle very addictive and although mine had plenty of it, I’m always interested in getting a bit more while not over-taxing my engine. That’s how I became interested in the racechip.com control unit, a performance tuning add-on created around 10 years ago in Germany for performance car engines but now just starting to make its way into performance bikes. The control unit is a kind of smokin’ ECM that can add 25-30% more power, 20-25% more torque and even improve your fuel economy by about 1L/100km without adding any extra weight or bulk. It’s simple to install and almost no maintenance is required. Unfortunately, off the shelf units for motorbikes are not yet in production, so if you want to get a Race Chip control unit for your bike you’ll have to speak to the company’s tech support people. I thought I was the only one doing this, but I now find there are discussions about the race chip popping up on the Buell forums too. So get in ahead of the rush!

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