Do you drone?

Drones and motorbikes … two of my major passions. It’s not often the two can come together in one place, but they almost coincided nicely when Harry from Biker Bits got his new DJI Spark mini drone and took it out to see if it would follow his motorbike at speed. Now the DJI Spark […]

Win David Beckham’s Amazon Triumph

Last year, David Beckham and a bunch of his pals went on a bike trip into the Amazon rainforest.

They went so deep they not only came across locals who didn’t know he was; they met some who didn’t appear to know what a football was!

Well, impressed by the TV documentary and the ruggedness of the bikes they rode, Motolegends,  the apparel retailer, decided to build themselves a replica.

And then they had a clever idea; give it away instead!

Race chips – power to the people!

If, like me, you own a sports bike or a sports tourer, at some point you’re going to start thinking about how to get more out of your finely tuned performance bike. I find the punch when I open the throttle very addictive and although mine had plenty of it, I’m always interested in getting a bit more while not over-taxing my engine.

Riding motorbikes in Thailand

Over the past five years or so, I’ve been getting over to Thailand as often as I can. And when I’m there, you’ll almost always find me riding something or other (and I don’t mean Thai girls either, you dirty-minded buggers). For those of you who read this earlier, my apologies that it was cut off after the first paragraph. Big problems with the content editor!!

First ever women only champion’s riding school

AMA Pro Road Racing star Melissa Paris will join the Yamaha Champions Riding School’s first ever women only class. This class will be fun, in a non-intimidating environment, for riders of all levels who want to take the next step in their riding. Interested students should sign up soon, before all the available spots are reserved.

Read all about it and sign up now for this once-in-a-lifetime event

Rest in peace: Soichiro Honda, the maker of motorcycle dreams

In 1991, the world said goodbye to man who was instrumental in making the motorcycle a ubiquitous vehicle available to the common man. Soichiro Honda did for motorbikes what Henry Ford did for cars. He brought them down to a price we could all afford and put the dream within the reach of the masses.

I must admit to being a bit partial to Mr Honda, even though I ride a Yamaha. My first motorbike was a Honda CB350 twin and it was a great bike, even if I did destroy it.

In this video from Honda, we get to pay tribute to what Soichiro Honda did for the world of motorcycling.