Numbness in fingers when riding my motorbike

Over the last two years I have noticed that my fingers go numb while riding. This is especially true in the mornings on my way to work, usually about 15-20 minutes into the ride. I wonder if others have similar issues and how you deal with it?

For me, the problem is mainly in my right hand, but sometimes the left as well. And it’s mainly in the third and fourth fingers, but can go to all four fingers if I don’t do something about it (usually this means taking my hand off the throttle for a while and doing some stretches to increase the circulation.

The World’s Best Motorbikes for Two

It might sound romantic – just you, your bike and the open road, but it could also be a bit lonely. Even Ewan McGregor asked a mate to tag along when he rode ‘The Long Way Round’ the world. But what happens if your travelling companion can’t ride? Put them in a pillion seat – that’s what!

This is a guide to the world’s best motorbikes for two.

1) Honda GL1800 Goldwing Deluxe

Spring cleaning your motorbike for summer safety

BET YOU CAN’T WAIT! Spring is here, and you want to get your bike out and ride. Go ahead, jump on and take off… you’ll be sorry.

Dirty oil, underinflated tires, and a dry chain are just a few of the problems you might be subjecting your bike to. If you rode your bike right through winter or stored it properly for the off-season, then you should have only a few things to check. But if you skimped on the winter prep, you’ve got at least an afternoon of work ahead of you.

Here’s leftleg

Hi folks another one from TW checking up to see what Bucko is doing. You don’t get rid of me that easy you bastard. If you’re reading this Bucko, have you noticed that it is now easier to unlock your garage door. I gave it a squirt with WD40 before I left on Monday. And if you are looking for your last strip of blutak, I took it. Ta.