Another of those TW converts

Hello all and sundry,

As the title suggests, like quite a few others here, I cave come across from TW to poke around, have a look, hopefully contribute some intellectual (or not) discussions etc.

For those who don’t know me from TW, name is Cameron (Cam), I live in the south west of Melbourne and currently (some might say finally) ride a Kawasaki EL250.

Glad to see some of the familiar names here too.


Wild Hogs movie – the trailer!

Get yourself a group together and go see Wild Hogs while it’s still at the cinemas. I went to see it with a group of 30 or so Ulysses members in Brisbane and it was a hoot! Don’t think it would have been the same on my own, but watching it with other riders made it so much funnier.

Anyway, here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet:


So why Rat Bikes?

First off, I should explain what a Rat Bike is for those that don’t know.
Which is probably one of the hardest things to do.
A typical Rat Bike is flat black and rather rough looking. Cosmetics matter to make a rat, but not in the way that a fine show bike does.
Americans have a Rat Bike scene which is more like a garbage bike. Basically every little piece of crap and little trinket they can find is stuck on. Normally a Harley is used. Like most things in the American bike scene, if you are going to do it, over do it.

Canberra scooterist

Just saying hi – I’ve been posting at the TW forum for about the last year but it’s time to poke my head over the partition and find out what else is going on in the world. I’ve got the same username here as at TW and also Netrider – there’s only one Guran! Those who’ve read my posts know that I’ll usually have some kind of considered opinion on most things which will probably be a little off topic and quite possibly boring … and those who don’t, consider yourselves warned!

Nice to be here, hope I can settle in!

– Guran

Greetings from Bega

Hi everyone just droping in from TW forum. (following Bucko, and others)
I ride a 2004 Vfr800 interceptor, I have 2 girls 2yr and 4yr old who consume most of my time.
Catch you all around

And my name comes from Battlefield 2 that my gamers name.

Todays ride !!

Well i got up bright and early this morning to go on a ride with one of my mates …… nothing unusual there we headed off down the southside of Brissy to Boonah for Breaky
From there we headed to Beaudesert where by 10 am the temp was nudging 38 deg we intended to go for a ride over Mt Tamborine but the temps were killing us so we decided to head back to Brissy