5 tips to keep your motorbike in tip top condition

Author: Philip Youngwood 8th December 2009 Keeping your motorbike in tip top condition will not only help to keep you safer on the roads, but prolongs the life of your motorbike. Try our 5 tips for looking after your bike: 1. Familiarise yourself with T-CLOCS T-CLOCS is the acronym used by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and stands for Tires and Wheels, Controls, Lights and Electrics, Oil and Other Fluids, Chassis and Chain, and Stands. T – Check your tires and wheels regularly and look out for signs of wear or damage as well as tire pressure. C – Check the levers, switches and all cables for anything unusual. Damaged controls could result in a good ride turning bad. L – Carrying out maintenance on your lighting and electrical systems when needed can help you to avoid having to carry out repairs at the side of the road in the rain. O – Keep your oils and fluids filled to the correct levels and change your oil at regular intervals to prolong the life of your bike. C – Check for signs of damage to the chassis and chain, and keep your chain well oiled. S – Make sure you stand retracts fully when riding to avoid it catching on the road or pavement and causing an accident. 2. Clean after use Keeping your motorbike clean will keep it looking great and provides an ideal opportunity to perform your T-CLOCS checks . 3. Cover after use If you don’t have a garage or other facility to store your motorbike, invest in a good quality motorcycle cover. This will help to keep it dry when not in use and helps to prolong its life. 4. Prepare for long term storage If you’re intending to store your bike for an extended period of time, there are a few steps to follow. After a few weeks petrol changes to a varnish like substance that can be damaging, so add a fuel stabiliser. Change your oil and brake fluid to avoid corrosion. Finally, take out your battery and keep it in a specialised charger that will prevent it from being overcharged or running flat. 5. Security Don’t run the risk of having your motorbike stolen – get a security device. Motorbike insurance is also a necessity to protect yourself and others from the financial impact of an accident. About the Author Charlotte Walker is a writer for MediaVest (Manchester) and covers a range of insurance specific topics including motorbike insurance Motorbike insurance. 1. Safety Center (2008). T-CLOCS. 2. http://safetycenter.navy.mil/media/seashore/SmartRide/PDFs/T-CLOCS.pdf 3. THINK! (2008). 5 WAYS TO KEEP YOUR MOTORCYCLE IN PERFECT NICK. http://www.devittinsurance.com/bikerzone/articles/love-your-bike.html Article Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_1302781_31.html

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