Riding motorbikes in Thailand

Over the past five years or so, I’ve been getting over to Thailand as often as I can. And when I’m there, you’ll almost always find me riding something or other (and I don’t mean Thai girls either, you dirty-minded buggers). For those of you who read this earlier, my apologies that it was cut off after the first paragraph. Big problems with the content editor!!

Ever heard of the BackRider Belt or the Child Riding Belt child riding harnesses?

Has anyone heard (or used) either of these two child riding harnesses?  Both the Backrider belt and the Child riding belt are made in Canada.  The Backrider Belt states that it has been tested according to Baby Car Seat tests by a professional engineering firm although the Child riding belt doesn’t say anything with that regard so I’m not sure about testing with that one.

Both products seem to be designed to work for children between the ages of 2 up to 10 or 11 (with a max weight of the child not exceeding 100 lbs).

5 tips to keep your motorbike in tip top condition

Author: Philip Youngwood

8th December 2009

Keeping your motorbike in tip top condition will not only help to keep you safer on the roads, but prolongs the life of your motorbike. Try our 5 tips for looking after your bike:

1. Familiarise yourself with T-CLOCS
T-CLOCS is the acronym used by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and stands for Tires and Wheels, Controls, Lights and Electrics, Oil and Other Fluids, Chassis and Chain, and Stands.

Spring cleaning your motorbike for summer safety

BET YOU CAN’T WAIT! Spring is here, and you want to get your bike out and ride. Go ahead, jump on and take off… you’ll be sorry.

Dirty oil, underinflated tires, and a dry chain are just a few of the problems you might be subjecting your bike to. If you rode your bike right through winter or stored it properly for the off-season, then you should have only a few things to check. But if you skimped on the winter prep, you’ve got at least an afternoon of work ahead of you.

How to ride a motorbike for the very first time

An instructional video on how to ride a motorcycle for the very first time. Of course, if you are here you may already have ridden a motorcycle once or twice, but you may know someone who hasn’t ridden before, so show them this video.

Please let us know what you think about this video. I think it has some shortcomings, but it’s better than nothing.