Rest in peace: Soichiro Honda, the maker of motorcycle dreams

In 1991, the world said goodbye to man who was instrumental in making the motorcycle a ubiquitous vehicle available to the common man. Soichiro Honda did for motorbikes what Henry Ford did for cars. He brought them down to a price we could all afford and put the dream within the reach of the masses.

I must admit to being a bit partial to Mr Honda, even though I ride a Yamaha. My first motorbike was a Honda CB350 twin and it was a great bike, even if I did destroy it.

In this video from Honda, we get to pay tribute to what Soichiro Honda did for the world of motorcycling.

Honda releases a new 1100 naked

The highly anticipated CB1100F is set to hit Australia this month with fans lining up to get their hands on the latest release in this universally loved lineage of motorcycles.

As an ode to the much loved Honda CB750 Four, all round function, combined with easy performance and heritage styling mark the distinguishing characteristics of the new CB1100F.