Why you should not rev your motorcycle when it’s cold

Motorbike engines are finely tuned machines. When you start your motorbike, bits and pieces inside the motor move at a very fast rate, especially on modern sports motorcycles. Oil needs to circulate quickly through the motor because there are a lot of tight parts causing friction, especially when the engine is cold.

Watch this video from Mordeth about how to warm up your motorcycle so you don’t do damage to it!

How to change gears on a motorbike

Changing gears on a motorbike can be challenging at first because it takes hand and foot coordination to work the clutch and gear lever … and where are all those gears anyway … and which gear am I in now? All your questions are answered in this helpful video from www.m13online.com. Mind you, the camera work takes some getting used to!


Choosing a motorcycle

Choosing a motorbike can be a big challenge. Do you buy what your best mate has? Do you buy what the guy at the riding school suggested? Do you buy what the salesman at the bike shop is pushing you to buy? Or do you buy the bike that's really right for YOU?

Whether this is your very first bike, or you're coming back to riding a motorbike after a long break, one thing you'll find is that there's a HUGE range to choose from in makes, models and styles of motorcycle.

How to brake and stay upright

Anyone can twist a throttle to the stop, but not so many know the principles behind safe and effective braking – if you engage in the former often but aren't so hot on the latter, you're just playing a waiting game before push comes to shove, and end up going down the road next to your bike, instead of on it.

Braking skills should be mastered to a competent degree from the outset of anyone's riding career, and then refined as time goes by, but what's the best way to brake anyway?