How to brake and stay upright

Anyone can twist a throttle to the stop, but not so many know the principles behind safe and effective braking – if you engage in the former often but aren't so hot on the latter, you're just playing a waiting game before push comes to shove, and end up going down the road next to your bike, instead of on it.

Braking skills should be mastered to a competent degree from the outset of anyone's riding career, and then refined as time goes by, but what's the best way to brake anyway?

How to ride a motorbike for the very first time

An instructional video on how to ride a motorcycle for the very first time. Of course, if you are here you may already have ridden a motorcycle once or twice, but you may know someone who hasn’t ridden before, so show them this video.

Please let us know what you think about this video. I think it has some shortcomings, but it’s better than nothing.