Rain-Off waterproof overgloves – road tested

Many years ago, I owned a pair of waxed cotton overgloves and a pair of waxed cotton overboots. I also had the waxed cotton version of the Dri-Rider jacket, by the way. Showing my age here.

I really miss my overgloves and overboots. I could throw them on in heavy rain and keep my gloves and boots dry. Gloves take up to a week to dry out after heavy rain and boots can take a few days too.

Busting the popular helmet myths

Think you know what a motorcycle helmet can and can’t do for you? Take the quiz. From the August 2000 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine. By Art Friedman.


1. Motorcycle helmets cause neck injuries.

2. Because of a helmet’s limited ability to absorb impact energy, it can’t protect you if you have a motorcycle accident over 20 mph.

3. The shell is a helmet’s most important component.