Win David Beckham’s Amazon Triumph

Last year, David Beckham and a bunch of his pals went on a bike trip into the Amazon rainforest.

They went so deep they not only came across locals who didn’t know he was; they met some who didn’t appear to know what a football was!

Well, impressed by the TV documentary and the ruggedness of the bikes they rode, Motolegends,  the apparel retailer, decided to build themselves a replica.

And then they had a clever idea; give it away instead!

Recall: Triumph Daytona 675

Triumph Australia Pty Ltd—Triumph Daytona 675 Motorcycle

PRA number: 2011/12881
Date created: 24th October 2011

Product information

Product description

Daytona 675 motorcycle

Identifying features

Recall number: 433
Target number: 275

What are the hazards?

The engine may stall during operation.

What are the defects?

The evaporative valve purge harness may not be secured properly and could lead to the harness becoming damaged.

Recall: Triumph Street Triple Motorcycles

Triumph Street Triple Motorcycles – Rear Suspension Unit

Date: 27/03/2008

Supplier Name: Triumph Australia Pty Ltd

Product Make: Triumph

Product Model: Street Triple Motorcycle

Target Number: 183

Model Years From:


Campaign Number: 390

VIN Range:

Serial Range:

Product Info:

Defect Details: A number of Triumph Street Triple motorcycles have encountered a reduction in performance of the Rear Suspension Unit with a loss of dampening action