Ride review – Yamaha FJR1300

The FJR1300 is almost unique as a true sport-tourer. It’s physically a lot larger looking than either the FJ1200 or the XJ900 (Diversion), yet it’s lighter than either of these bikes and much, much more powerful.

Using a similar engine design to the Yamaha R1, but obviously in a 1298 cc capacity, it has power to burn. As someone said in a review on another website, it’s a bike you can take to a track day and leave almost everyone else behind you, and at the same time you can ride it all day on a long-haul tour without problems.

1995 Yamaha XJ600 Seca II

Here’s a quick review of one of my bikes – the mighty* XJ600.

I bout this bike about 3 years ago for the princely sum of $3000 with about 47,000km on the clock. I’ve since racked that total up to 94,000km so that might provide some idea as to what the bike is designed for.

It’s hard to classify the bike into any specific genre. I normally refer to it as a sports/tourer, though it is definately biased towards touring. It could also be considered a naked/tourer, or semi-naked. It’s all about perspective and intended use.