Your privacy

Your privacy

We collect information on this website to allow us to provide a service to members in the form of discussion forums, the motorbike showcase Garage and member-to-member email. Your privacy is very important to us. We do not share your information with sponsors or anyone else, except as required by law enforcement authorities.

When you register with Bikes on Show, we’ll ask you for some details about yourself. We don’t ask for your name or address, because we want you to feel free to express yourself in this website. We do ask for your email address, because we need to communicate with you from time to time and we need you to verify your request for membership. We will never sell or otherwise knowingly provide your email address for any purpose. You choose (in your profile) whether or not to display your email address to other members. The site support Private Mail between members, which does not require your email address.

When you add your bike(s) to Bikes on Show, we will ask you to add some details about where you bought your bike, how much you paid for it, what you’ve spent on it since you bought it, what you pay for insurance and what accessories you’ve installed, where you bought them and for what price. Your membership is virtually anonymous, unless you choose it to be otherwise, so this information is not indentifiable to you. You are asked only to disclose your broad location. The information we collect is compiled in our ‘Garage’ database to build a broad profile of suppliers, insurance companies, service agents, etc., that you can use as a resource to save money and compare costs in the future.

It’s bikers helping bikers … something bikers are famous for and part of the spirit of motorcycling in Australia. We hope you’ll feel the same way and give us your ongoing support.

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